One great thing about the coastside, is that many of our trails are multi-use--they have been for decades.   In our rural communities, dog walkers, equestrians, and mountain bikers have enjoyed sharing our many open space areas.  To safeguard this way of life, Coastside DOG is dedicated to promoting some simple rules to ensure that everyone has a positive recreational experience.   These tips combined with common sense, courtesy, and communication will help us keep the coastside dog-friendly.   

Right-of-Way on Multi-Use Trails

  • Horses have right-of-way on the trail (over bikes and hikers with dogs).  When you come across a horseback rider, calmly move to the side of the trail with your dog on-leash, giving the horse and rider a wide berth to pass.  
  • Mountain bikes also have right-of-way on the trail.  Again, make sure your dog is to the side of the trail when the cyclist(s) pass. 

General & On-Leash Etiquette

  • Don't forget your doggy bags!   Please leave no trace by removing pet waste and taking the plastic doggy bags with you.  
  • If you see someone who is not picking up after their dog, ask if they need a bag.  
  • If you see an "orphaned" doggy bag on the trail or beach, earn some good doggy karma points by putting it in the nearest trash bin. 
  • If you encounter another dog on-leash, do not assume it is friendly (it may be on-leash because it's not friendly).  Ask the owner before letting the dogs meet.    

Voice Control Etiquette

  • If you encounter a dog on leash, leash up.  
  • If you encounter a horseback rider or are near a horse stable, leash up. 
  • If you encounter people without a dog or with small children, leash up.
  • If your dog has any aggressive tendencies towards people or dogs, leash up.  

Remember that not everyone loves dogs.  There are some people who are afraid of dogs.  While your dog may be friendly, people will not know this.  By following the simple steps above, we can ensure that everyone has a positive recreational experience and that our local trails and beaches are accessible for all.   Thanks and see you on the trail!