5% Trails Access is Doggone Wrong

current dog walking access in smc parks: Devil's Slide Trail, Pillar Point Bluff, Quarry Park, Mirada Surf County Park, and segments of the Coastal Trail and Bay Trail.

Currently, people with dogs are only allowed on 5% of San Mateo County Park trails (10 miles out of 190 miles of trails). Meanwhile, other users like horseback riders have 90% access. These archaic policies date back nearly 80 years to when most of San Mateo County was agricultural land. 

In 2019 the San Mateo County Parks Department and Board of Supervisors will be deciding if recreational dog walking access should be increased in county parks, and if they should designate some legal off-leash trails (as provided in every other Bay Area county). Their answer should be YES! 

If we want fair access, NOW is the time for dog owners to band together and speak up for dog walking in San Mateo County Parks. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign and share the petition for fair dog walking access in San Mateo County Parks. Write a comment for ultimate impact. http://www.tinyurl.com/SMCDogWalkingPetition

  2. Attend a County Parks dog management meeting (first Monday of the month) to speak up for fair trails access and dog walking recreation in county parks. Click here for meeting dates and location.

  3. Send a comment to County Parks’ Dog Work Group (ParksandRecreation@smcgov.org) about where you’d like more dog walking access.

  4. Join the Tails on Trails movement by putting a "Tails Belong on Trails in San Mateo County" and/or an "I have a dog. And I vote." car magnet on your car.  Click here to get your campaign car magnet(s).

  5. Continue to practice good trails etiquette on our 5% of dog-friendly trails. Click here for more information.